Donna is a proud member of the Colored Pencil Socity of America.  She is the Historian of the Portland Chapter 201
Donna Lee’s ranch and her love of horses has influenced her art style and subjects.  Old barns and horses are a big part of her life, along with the wildlife and natural beauty that Oregon has to offer.

When Donna attended Cooper School in Cleveland Ohio she had planned on a degree in fine arts.  After taking a photography class she changed her major from fine arts to photography.

With 30 years as a wedding photographer Donna has now come full circle. Each day is a new idea and adventure. With pencil or paint brush in hand she is capturing a new and exciting subject everyday.

Donna Lee is also known for her pyrographics or wood burnings.  Searching for that perfect piece of wood, preparing it and deciding what to burn on it can sometimes take a year or more.

Welcome to Donna Lee's Art Studio

Donna Lee
Holley, Oregon,

Donna Lee Studio
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